About Mosons Group

The Mosons Group has been in inception since 1970 and operates out of Kerala and around the World with the following divisions:

  • Mosons Extractions
  • Mosons Edibles
  • Mosons Estates
  • Mosons Engineering
  • Mosons Everything

Mosons Extractions

Well known for its hair care & skin care products, Mosons Extractions operates the Indulekha and Vayodha brands.

Mosons Edibles

Mosons Edibles promotes edibles from Beevis Pickles & Beevis Masala using magical recipes from Malabar cuisine.

Mosons Estates

Mosons Estate is dual general contracting firm for both residential and commercial projects.

Mosons Engineering

Mosons Engineering provides ground-level engineering mechanisms to extract natural products for Mosons Extractions.

Mosons Everything

Mosons Everything is an online supermarket concept which offers home-grown vegetables, kiosks, 25 hours service, online shopping and home delivery…need we say more?!